Hydrospeed float Eagle
Hydrospeed float Eagle

Hydrospeed float Eagle

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Make-to-order fabrication, please contact us via email at commercial@vaderetro.com to order

The Eagle Whitewater Hydrospeed Float is the ideal model for whitewater swimming.
From Class I to Class IV, it allows you to go down all the rivers, to chain the spots and the figures. A very versatile whitewater swimming float. Available in 3 sizes, depending on your weight: less than 70 kg, from 70 to 95kg, more than 95kg.

Marc Parnotte was one of the first to work on developing the practice of whitewater hydrospeed float in the 1990s. He shaped the complete collection of whitewater swimming floats that we offer you the quintessence through our five models. The Eagle model is the most common choice for the whitewater swimmer.

Informations :

  • Weight less than 70 Kg: Small Eagle 85cmx55cmx20cm hydrospeed float
  • Weight from 70 to 95kgs: 92cmx60cmx20cm Eagle hydrospeed enhancement float
  • Weight greater than 95kgs: Eagle hydrospeed float up to 100cmx67cmx20cm

Reference ZMHY002

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