Recognized for the excellence of the price-quality ratio, Vade Retro introduce you a whole assortment of canyoning products. Moreover, we also offer add services : logos printing, wetsuits personalization, after sales-service.


Our products progress years after years to answer to your requirements and your needs. The Vade Retro reputation and serious is based on essential technicals details, which represent our trademark.

Neoprene :

We exclusively work with quality neoprene :

  • Regularity of the neoprene density (better insulation, better buoyancy, no matter compression).
  • Extreme confort feeling, through an elasticity similar to the human skin.
  • The most important is the durability, trough to the technical production that do not involve any physical or chemical alteration of neoprene.

How our wetsuits are produced ?

All our wetsuits are glued and blind stitched to the top and bottom with 3 thread blind stitches. That make us sure that no water gets in. With our top quality exigence, we select with care the bests add materials : super stretch trimmings, YKK zip and nylon threads.

The knee pads are extremely strong, durable and flexible through a polyurethane varnish. A little bit rigid but so much resistant, ready to fight any conditions !

The specific cut :

Our wetsuits are thought for canyoning : each model got his study cut, composed of many panels (all following the body shape) to get an extremely comfortable and ergonomic product.

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